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  Aaron T Brown


Aaron is known for his large-scale steel sculpture, wood sculpture and his printmaking. Aaron is an American contemporary artist, writer, musician and part scientist. His Great grandfather William McDougal, who took William James’s chair at Harvard University passed on a few of his genes, as Aaron spent an entire summer studying the mud dauber wasps that make their home in his open air studio, only to find out at the end of the summer that his great grand father had studied and written extensively about the wasps 85 years earlier coming to some radical conclusions about the nature of insect intelligence, observing that the wasps were indeed learning in order to survive, and did not merely rely on instinct alone. Aaron makes large-scale steel sculpture and he is still actively engaged in printmaking. Here in the studio the sculpture forms are born.  He resides in New Hampshire with his wife, Susan and works out of his studio there.


We are proud owners of both an amazing sculpture and wood block print by Aaron Brown. The sculpture was a surprise 50th birthday present for my husband. Aaron was outstanding in helping me keep it a surprise.The sculpture is so unbelievably fantastic in our backyard that every day I wake up to look at it from the upstairs window. I have to confess the sculpture was definitely for my husband originally and I probably would have picked a trip to Europeas a birthday gift but now that we have it in our house, it has transformed the way I start viewing the world every morning and inspires me to look for the beauty in our everyday urban existence.

Mary Beth  NYC

Praise for sculpture  ‘Order 1’

Voila! What I was feeling: light sculptures, not heavy, metallique monsters. Seeing your sculptures I was listening to musique, to sounds.

When I saw them I was feeling air, smelling parfums of trees, of green, of garden, of life. I see and feel them moving, alive! Integrated in the landscape, speaking to the animals.

Most of the time, outside sculptures are very heavy, very macho. They are lying in the middle of a landscape, and you ask yourself  “who did this…….and for what”

Yours, it is the opposite, I saw them inside in this famous exhibition, and they make me feel the outside, the nature, they take my hand………. bravo!

Iris Mansard            

international clothing designer

I have had the pleasure of knowing Aaron for nearly two decades both in the role of fellow artist, participating in the same shows; and as the Standards and Education Manager of the League of NH Craftsmen. As the Standards and Education Manager it is my responsibility to facilitate the jury process of the League and maintain the League’s media standards criteria. Aaron is a juried member of the League.

I have witnessed Aaron’s unwavering commitment to fine craftsmanship, both as a sculptor and a printmaker. I have always been impressed by the honesty, clarity and passion in his work. There is a strong rhythmic and lyrical quality he is able to create and project both in his small scale work, as well as his large scale sculptures. The energy and vitality of Aaron’s work is compelling.

Catherine Green

Standards and Education Manager

League of NH Craftsmen



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