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Large-scale Sculpture Process

Client Praise

"You should be truly pleased with the successful completion of this magnificent project. These huge efforts always requires the work of many which you orchestrated to a splendid end. Thank you for beautifying my life in this substantial way."


Aaron T Brown


It all starts with shapes that Aaron draws by cutting into a masonite plate with a bandsaw or scroll saw. Then come questions and decisions. Where is the site? What is the scale for the sculpture? How many shapes? Will they be made using color or remain natural metal? What type of base will be used?


After the client chooses one or more shapes, we decide on the appropriate material: whether to use steel, stainless steel, corten steel, or aluminum, and if the metal is to be powder-coated with color or left natural depending on the desired effects. 

From there the work begins. Precise CAD (computer assisted drawing) files are meticulously drawn for each shape. These drawings are used at the steel cutting facility where a CNC high-definition plasma cutter, or water-jet cut the steel or aluminum. The work is then transported to Aaron's studio where he hand grinds and sands every edge, nook and cranny.  

If powder coating color is desired, the piece is brought to a facility for sand-blasing to the bare metal and then powder-coated with an epoxy primer, 2-3 coats of color, and one UV resistant clear coat.

Voila! Sculptures are then ready for delivery and installation.


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