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Wood Sculpture

I have been drawing abstract shapes since I was a child. At the age of eleven my father gave me the book, ‘The Art of Jean Arp’ by Herbert Read, a book that I treasure to this day. I think that my father recognized that I had a kindred spirit in the German born artist. I poured through this book over and over again. I consider Arp my mentor, and feel that he continues to have a profound influence on my art. My shape making today is dynamic, and the resulting work is imbued with a palpable life, an aliveness that the viewer senses when beholding the sculpture, transporting them to the same exciting moment when the piece was being created. People sense this vitality within the forms, and are enlivened. At the same time my work is restful to behold, as the harmonies and balance of the forms, imbue a sense of equanimity and peace, having a magic of their own, resonating within.

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